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Meet Cathy Sauer

Cathy Sauer, the founder of Chasing Dreams, grew up with horses and from a young age was involved with competitive horse racing. Cathy has always been passionate about the care of her animals, and developed a tight bond with all of them. Her understanding of animal relationships motivated Cathy to complete the scholastic training necessary to become certified in holistic and alternative forms of animal care.

Today, with over forty-year of practical experience, Cathy is a sought-out holistic services provider for owners and trainers of thoroughbred racing horses. And while Cathy spends a lot of time at professional race tracks in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas her true calling is helping to improve the well-being of family owned animals.

Cathy has again returned to school, and will shortly be certified as a Veterinary Lab Technician. Cathy will soon be assisting local vet practices who wish to offer holistic and alternative medicine in addition to traditional forms. She was recently certified in Natural Health Care for Pets.

The Story Behind the Name Chasing Dreams: how did we come up with this name for the business?

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Our Services

Animal Behavior Training 95%
15-Minute Touch Massage 95%
30-Minute Massage 90%
1-Hour Therapeutic Massage 85%
Acupressure 80%
Photonic Therapy 75%
Animal Reiki 65%
Behavior Consultation 60%
Basic Obedience 55%
First Aid/CPR for Pets 50%
Equine Nutrition 50%

Aroma therapy, using Essential Oils or Flower Essences, may also be added for a slight additional charge.

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