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What You May Not Know About Food Allergies in Dogs

There are many types of food our dogs consume, such as canned, dry kibble, raw, and treats, which contain protein. Some common foods include beef, chicken, and dairy. Don’t forget that plant-based foods also contain protein such as corn, wheat, and soy. You may be asking what does protein have to do with allergies? First, [...]

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Can Dogs Show Jealousy?

We, as humans do experience jealousy at times, but can dogs show jealousy? We can become jealous of others who are doing better than we are. Jealousy can poke its head out over a potential mate, another person’s possessions or their appearance. This feeling of being jealous is due to our complex cognition that can [...]

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Surviving Winter with Horses

Winter can be a beautiful time of year. Riding in fresh fallen snow can be relaxing especially if you are lucky enough to have good trails or some open land. Some of us are thankful for an indoor arena to ride and train with softer footing and walls to protect us from the weather. Either [...]

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Should I Stall my Horse or Pasture Board?

Should I Stall my Horse or Pasture Board? Well, consider that in the wild, horses are free to roam the land. They walk, run, play and graze constantly. Horses get a chance to interact with other animals, and a social hierarchy forms within the herd. They are doing what nature intended, being horses. Like people, [...]

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Are fruits and vegetables safe for dogs?

Our doctors and nutritionists encourage us to consume a few servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Eating these foods make us proactive in our own overall health maintenance. Fruits and vegetables help us fight certain diseases, improver our health, help us maintain a good weight and may even help us to live a longer [...]

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Why introduce your horse to a massage?

Why introduce your horse to a massage? When properly provided, massage can be an effective way to relieve muscle fatigue and reduce the chance of injury and disease. For all almost animals, but especially horses. It is my belief that all horses, whether they are an athlete or a pleasure horse, show many benefits following [...]

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Pets and pumpkins

October has arrived and it's time for pets and pumpkins. The morning air is crisp, the trees are starting to change color, and pumpkins are becoming abundant. Everything seems to be orange, coincidently the same color as a healthy food, pumpkins. Does your pet's dietary plan include pumpkin? If not, you might reconsider, because pumpkin has [...]

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